30 ans de Savoir

An Attentive Architect at your Service

To Renovate, extend or build your new home.

Tell us what you would like and we will satisfy you.

Francis Clauzel’s long experience allows him to be able to work with and satisfy a wide range of clients.

For him “building” is firstly and most importantly, to establish a real dialogue with you. Being able to answer your questions and fulfilling all of your expectations is the objective that he has set for himself.
A very important goal that is shared by all the sub contractors that we work with. A permanent objective for us all - perfection and excellence.

« We do not promise you miracles because we are down to earth »

We do not promise miracles because we are down to earth and serious but we endeavour fulfil all of your wishes
Francis Clauzel has earned his reputation during the last 30 years in Sarlat and the surrounding area. He knows his profession extremely well and will know how to find real solutions for any land or architectural problems that you may have.
A complete investment of his time, responsibility and efficiency are put into your project.

We hope that the advice and information that you have found on our site will help you to make the decision to contact us so that we may guide you to a successful outcome to your project….. after all it’s something that most people only undertake once in their lives!

We work within a 30 kilometre radius of Sarlat.

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